This is only my personal experience, but I’ve only found consistency after I stopped trading all day long. I always preach that the longer we stay exposed to the market, the more likely we’ll be to lose what we made. Not mentioning that overtrading can become a harmful addiction. Harmful to our personal lives and our wallets. A lot of times we stop eating properly, we don’t give enough attention to our families, we become sedentary, stressed out and we no longer enjoy other things in life as before. Weekends become boring and we can’t wait for the London market opening. Spending time with family and friends is no longer that interesting. Don’t let it happen to you. These are symptoms of being addicted to trading. But that’s not the whole problem. Whoever is addicted to trading tend not to make money consistently in the long run. The anxiety will make us see trade opportunities where there are not.  It will end up making us lose what we already made. Have you ever traded after having reached a daily cap and ended up losing what you’ve made and even more? That’s a classic, isn’t it? I imagine you started trading looking for a better quality of life, so avoid overtrading because that’s where the danger lies. 😉

The best way to avoid overtrading is having a trading plan with a daily cap and stick to it.

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