Binary Options or Forex?

I have a good friend who insisted I would quit binary options and stay with forex only, but it never really happened. I love binary options. The rush and the speed you can make money with it is fascinating. Sometimes you need only a few minutes to see your account grow and then you go play. Once you can master it, it’s delicious. I did try to quit OB and do forex only, but it didn’t last long. I couldn’t.

 forex x bo

However, what I like about Forex is that I can spend 5 days partying in Ibiza with a forex position open and not trading BO at all (it did happen in July).  Well, price hits TP (or SL hehe) and you have the chance to make money without having “worked” during that period. On the other hand, to make money with binary options, I’ll have to open my computer and trade for at least 30 minutes or so.

Once you have a very good strategy and master the current patterns of the market, BO or forex, each one has its own advantages. Money is money. Different from some people, I find BO less stressful. I open my computer, take my trades and good-bye. I close my computer and enjoy the rest of the day. You don’t see yourself involved in that dilema of closing the trade or letting it roll, as happens in forex. Each one has its beauty and challenge. The trick is to do what’s working.

Nevertheless, regarding “trust”, I definitely trust more the forex brokers and that’s where I have more money in. So, in a nutshell, both are a perfect combination for me.


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