Creatures of habit

As said before. We are creatures of habit. The way you trade your $100 account will be the same way you’ll trade a $1,000 account and I fool you not,  it will be how you’ll trade a 100k account. I am sure 99% of you might think it’s not the case. Nahhh Lisa, if I had a 100k account I’d have more leverage, etc. No mister/m’am. If your broker offers you $10k trades, you will open $10k trades (I know people who take up to $16k per trade – some brokers offer it). Otherwise you’d be trading the maximum amounts repeatedly. I say that with no fear of being wrong. I’ve seen all that.

It’s OK if you have money to lose and can afford losing $250 chunks every now and then. Then you can risk turning $250 into $1,000 in a day. It’s totally doable with binary options. But if you don’t have money to lose and is serious about building a financial future for yourself starting with a small amount such as $250 (if it’s all you have to invest), take it slow, build healthy trading habits first. Don’t count on luck now only to blow your $10k account later.

Again, if you want to make a living off this business someday, it’s all about creating healthy trading habits now. It’s not about how fast you can double that account. 

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