Why do people sell products if they already make money trading?

I had written this post long before I ever dreamed of selling something. I’ve met three category of sales people in this business. Scammers, sellers who were not traders and successful traders who were also sellers. The scammers will usually sell systems that don’t work, simply said. Or they will sell stuff you can download for free on the internet. But it’s not correct to generalize that all sellers are scammers. Think with me. It’s not uncommon to hear the cliché: “Whoever makes enough money with his strategy does not need to sell indicators or EA’s”. I agree, they don’t need to. But it doesn’t mean they don’t want to. Have you ever heard a millionaire saying: “I’m rich enough. I don’t need any more money”. On the contrary. The more money you make, the more you’ll want. It’s human nature. And it has nothing to do with being bad or greedy. There’s plenty of room for everybody here. I believe in a universe of abundance, not of scarcity. You give, you receive. And that’s the cosmic law.


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