What is a healthy daily cap?


Hello again! Let’s begin this post with one of my favorite picures:


compraçao de casas


Hehe ok. I’ll try to make this post short. I’ll use a compound interest calculator to show you how much money a $250 account can make in 2 years with 22 trading days a month of making 2% a day.

Simulation: $250 initial account making 2% of the balance every day. 22 trading days a month. 22 (days) x 24 (months)$8,685,967.48. I kid you not. Eight million, six hundred eighty five thousand, nine hundred sixty seven “moneys” in two years. Crazy huh? So who’s gonna tell me that 2% a day is not a lot?

But you know, we won’t make a million in binary options. We should be doing forex by then. With high amounts forex is safer. But anyway, I just wanted to prove that 2% a day is powerful.

If you have a small account and feel confident making 5%, 10% a day, it’s ok, go ahead. Binary Options can give you that. Totally doable. (But if you’re smart enough you’ll lower that daily cap once your account gets bigger not to risk jeopardizing its integrity). 😉

My intention here is not to convince you to have a 2% daily cap by no means. You’ll do what you are comfortable with. I just want to open your mind and show you that this possibility is not only healthy, but easy and definitely not insufficient.


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