It’s not a business to get rich

The structure of the binary options business is not designed to make us rich. The binary options brokers pay the winners with the money they get from the losers and from the deposits. They can’t afford paying us hundreds of thousands of dollars regularly. At most we’ll have an income, sometimes higher than a salary from any job you’ve ever had. So if you aim to get rich from trading, I suggest you start doing forex in the future too so you can trade higher amounts outside an “all or nothing” atmosphere.

I remember when I started trading BO I was a big fan of those compound interest calculators and created the illusion I was going to be a millionaire in a few years. Well, it never happened. I know today it doesn’t happen this way with binary options (once I reached a certain level of knowledge, skills and cash, I started doing forex too).  But anyway, I still love BO and I’m a huge fan. It gives me money, period. I created this blog to help you be part of that minority that makes money from it, either as an extra income or as a full-time job. Nevertheless, I want you to be down to earth regarding the limits of this business.

leo de caprio


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