Are brokers our friends?

August 5, 2016 lisaccurvello 0

Binary Options brokers are not our friends. They make money when we lose, basically. It then leads us to two truths: One is that we can still make a substantial income from binary options because we […]


Creatures of habit

August 5, 2016 lisaccurvello 0

As said before. We are creatures of habit. The way you trade your $100 account will be the same way you’ll trade a $1,000 account and I fool you not,  it will be how you’ll […]

money stairs

Greed (How to avoid it)

August 4, 2016 lisaccurvello 0

If your daily cap (daily goal) is for instance $100 and you’ve made $95 by now, I advise you to stop for the day. Chances you’ll lose those $95 because of $5 are high. Usually […]



July 29, 2016 lisaccurvello 0

This is only my personal experience, but I’ve only found consistency after I stopped trading all day long. I always preach that the longer we stay exposed to the market, the more likely we’ll be […]

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