Does price obey indicators?

August 14, 2016 lisaccurvello 0

No, guys. Price is self-sufficient. Sovereign. It rules everything. Indicators are only calculations and algorithms that try to predict the future behavior of the candles (price) based on its past behavior. Indicators are based on logic, but they don’t […]


What is a healthy daily cap?

August 6, 2016 lisaccurvello 0

  Hello again! Let’s begin this post with one of my favorite picures:     Hehe ok. I’ll try to make this post short. I’ll use a compound interest calculator to show you how much money […]


Withdraw your first profits

August 5, 2016 lisaccurvello 0

Most people start a new binary options account thinking in compound interests to make that balance grow exponentially and only a few of them withdraw their initial deposit once they first double their accounts. I’ll give you here some reasons […]