Martingales (How to do them)

August 16, 2016 lisaccurvello 3

I won’t say that martingales are bad. They can be quite helpful in several ways and an important tool for the growth of our account balance. The only problem is that they shouldn’t be done […]


Adrenaline Addiction

August 14, 2016 lisaccurvello 0

It’s very common people will start trading thinking in making money, but soon enough the main motivation turns into an adrenaline addiction, even if their financial gains are being sacrificed by it. Watch yourself in […]


Creatures of habit

August 5, 2016 lisaccurvello 0

As said before. We are creatures of habit. The way you trade your $100 account will be the same way you’ll trade a $1,000 account and I fool you not,  it will be how you’ll […]

money stairs

Greed (How to avoid it)

August 4, 2016 lisaccurvello 0

If your daily cap (daily goal) is for instance $100 and you’ve made $95 by now, I advise you to stop for the day. Chances you’ll lose those $95 because of $5 are high. Usually […]



July 29, 2016 lisaccurvello 0

This is only my personal experience, but I’ve only found consistency after I stopped trading all day long. I always preach that the longer we stay exposed to the market, the more likely we’ll be […]